Pathlabs Pathology Services understand that clinicians need accurate, reliable test results delivered as quickly as possible. However we are fully aware that as budgets are squeezed and the demand for pathology services continues to grow, cost will become an increasingly important factor. We are confident we can provide the high quality, efficient and affordable services that practitioners demand today
Pathlabs Pathology Services
Pathlabs Pathology Services is an independent pathology laboratory in SA. We service general practitioners and specialists, in hospital as well out patients  within the Pathlabs Healthcare group as well as external customers including the independent and NHS sectors.
Our truly integrated network is supported by excellent logistics and full electronic connectivity, which allows us to deliver cost-effective services of the highest quality to our customers.
We offer an extensive range of tests across all clinical and cellular pathology disciplines. Our laboratories are supported by consultans, who provide expert advice driving quality and improving patient care.
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Blood Sciences
Pathlabs Pathology Blood Science Laboratories provide Hematology, Clinical Chemistry and Endocrinology and Molecular biology, Serology and Microbilogy services.
All Pathlabs Pathology laboratories provide a routine and emergency blood sciences service, available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. We also have specialist referral laboratories Gauteng and in Umhlanga in KZN and Limpopo.
Each of our Hematology laboratories provide a comprehensive screening and diagnostic service using state-of-the art technological platforms as well as numerous manual laboratory processes.
All of our laboratories perform routine hematological and hemostatic screening tests, including Full Blood Count (FBC) investigations, blood cell morphology and coagulation screening tests such as the INR. In additional to these we also perform a comprehensive range of hematinic and hemoglobinopathy tests.
Clinical Chemistry
Pathlabs Pathology Services provide routine biochemistry at all of our satellite laboratories, including kidney, liver and cardiac profiles. All of our satellite sites utilize Mindray Clinical Diagnostics chemistry platform, the Mindray® BS480. This platform is ideal for a multi-disciplined laboratory environment, providing high quality results with the minimum of operator intervention and excellent efficiency.


•  Proven methodologies referenced to industry standards
     -    Reduced substance interference
     -   Wide dynamic ranges
     -    Infrequent calibration
     -    Small sample size
•  No reagent preparation
•   No water, plumbing, or drains
•   No electrodes to maintain
•   No pumps or tubing associated with traditional water-based technology

Fast, Reliable Results
Pathlabs Pathology Services is committed to delivering accurate test results with quick turn around times, and electronic access.
Our Laboratory Infomation Management System has the ability to send results electronically to GP practice systems if required. This improves turn around times and reduces administration costs. Our web-based enquiry facility allows secure access to your laboratory results via the internet.

For larger practices we can configure our system to allow results to be delivered directly into GPs’ patient administration systems, further reducing turnaround times and administrative costs.
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Pathlabs Pathology Services (SPS) are committed to planning, organising and directing the quality management system in all Pathlabs laboratories within the network, in accordance with appropriate accreditation and regulatory bodies.
Strict internal and external quality assurance underpins the integrity of our service
Our commitment is:
⦁ To ensure evidence is available to ensure full compliance with relevant standards
1 To ensure sufficient resources are devoted to quality to enable continual improvement of service
2 To ensure that laboratory  and advisory services meet the needs of our user

How we are going to ensure we fulfil our commitments:
⦁ To commit to an audit schedule, designed to ensure all standards are met
1 By reporting to a monthly meeting where the quality management system is reviewed and discussed. This includes a review of Internal Quality Assurance (IQA), Quality Control (QC) and External Quality Assessment (EQA) returns in addition to any analytical issues such as turnaround times, audits, training and adverse events
2 To agree and monitor quality indicators designed to improve our services to all our customers